Acom provides calibration services for all types of general-purpose electrical instruments across a wide range of industries; including multimeters, signal generators, spectrum analyzers, network analyzers, modulations, oscilloscopes ect.

Our accreditation covers in-house and on-site calibrations. We have been studying this industry for years and keep up with the latest technology and regulations in order to be in the front line of service giving to your organizations’ equipment specifications.

Acom has develop an automated calibration procedure for most of the test equipment in the market.

Our unique software has three applications:

  • Calibration Procedure; we developed automated calibration procedures for most of the test equipment in the market. Calibration tests have sufficiently low measurement uncertainty and adequate margin to warrant instrument performance to tolerance values. All functions can be adjusted according to manufacture specifications.
  • Linker; Calibration Procedure linked to uncertainty analysis and prediction. The calibration procedures using uncertainty budgets for each test point and calculates the reference deviation to the date of the calibration performed.
  • Prediction of aging and instability as an uncertainty component; based on your equipment’s calibration history records, we are able to calculate the time interval and recommend the next cal date.

All warranted specification has a corresponding performance test over the range of specified conditions (Voltage range, power, etc.). Performance tests measure the actual performance of every warranted specification, for all options. Documented procedures and calibration results, plus reports, help you to comply with quality standards like ISO 9000, ANSI Z540 and ISO/IEC 17025.

We compare your unit under test to either a primary standard or a reference that is traceable to a national metrology institute.
Our highly trained technical staff prides themselves on educating and advising our customers on how to improve the quality and performance of their equipment.



Acom values customer loyalty and makes sure that our services, products and interactions are of the highest quality and greatest value.

Acom Laboratory implements electronic calibrations based on manufacturer specifications and ISO17025 standards. Our laboratory equipment fully complies with applicable industry standards and regulations:
We document each calibration with a certificate that contains both the initial and final status of your instrument. This enables you to evaluate your instruments’ past performance and draw conclusions about future performance.

Acom is fully accredited by A2LA Accreditation body for standard ISO17025. Accreditation is synonymous with both quality and competence of an organization, through the use of international standards.
Our laboratories and instruments are traceable to NIST (USA).

Our laboratories, equipment and metrologists are certified and/or accredited to the following regional and international standards:
ISO/IEC 17025:2017
ANSI/NCSL Z540.3-2006



Acom receives periodic version updates from device manufacturers. Our calibration specifications are continuously updated and revised to ensure accurate results.

Acom’s customers know that we are still there for them, after every calibration, in-house or on-site, and after every repair.Acom receives periodic version updates from device manufacturers. Our calibration specifications are continuously updated and revised to ensure accurate results.

Full Access to our Online Calibration Suit

Our customers have full access to a customer data management system, where you can manage your calibration inventory independently, including access to a calibration list, certificates, export calibration lists to Excel, and more.

Calibration Certificates and Reports

Acom is fully accredited by the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA) in the United States. Our accreditation is recognized worldwide and ensures that all our measurement and calibration service are fully compliant with ISO 17025 regulations and standards. 

Calibration certificates include:

  • Customer information
  • Equipment information
  • Test summery report
  • Full data including uncertainty values

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