Frequently Asked Questions

How can we get a quote for calibration from Acom?

Just send us your test equipment list and we'll build a quote according to your specifications. Give us a try, you won't be disappointed.

What do we need to prepare prior to your arrival for calibration?

Acom's tech team needs an air-conditioned room containing 2 worktops and an AC power line.

What kind of equipment needs calibration?

Any test equipment that is used for measurements.

How does the calibration procedure take place?

Acom calibrates in your facility, usually 2 units simultaneously, in order for your company to have maximum equipment accessibility and minimum downtime.

In what regions do you calibrate?

Based in Long Beach California, we calibrate in the Silicone Valley, through L.A. and San Diego. We also calibrate many other countries in the US, Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

What is Acom's response time for over-seas calibrations?

From purchase-order day, on-site calibration can start within 2-4 weeks.

What Our Customers Say

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    "Acom is our home for all test equipment needs"
    Site Owner



    "I trust Acom's calibration results "
    Senior Test Engineer



    "We put Acom in-charge of our test equipment analyze."
    Quality Manager

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    "I am thankful for the tech support & solution using your excellent contacts within US, for an obsolete unit!..."
    Tool Owner, FAB 18



    "Acom is our sole calibration supplier"



    "I am very pleased with Acom's service."

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    "I knew I could trust Acom to give full support even to this complicated type of equipment..."
    Lab Owner