Quality Policy

Acom values customer loyalty and makes sure that our services, products and interactions are of the highest quality and greatest value.

The Acom Quality Policy is based on these principles:

  • All our calibration and measurement activities meet or exceed the requirements, regulations and standards specified by the A2LA audits.
  • All our laboratory equipment is fully traceable to the NIST / UKAS / INPL
  • All our services and products comply with applicable safety and regulatory requirements.
  • Our services and products meet or exceed industry specifications.
  • We maintain and continually improve the effectiveness of our service, product and business operations to conform to new standards and regulations.
  • Our suppliers, partners, and contractors comply with clear and measurable quality requirements.
  • We monitor and make every effort to improve our customer experience.
  • We provide reliable and accurate information to our customers at all times.

What Our Customers Say

  • 20120806212255

    "Acom is our home for all test equipment needs"
    Site Owner



    "I trust Acom's calibration results "
    Senior Test Engineer



    "We put Acom in-charge of our test equipment analyze."
    Quality Manager

  • 20120806151950

    "I am thankful for the tech support & solution using your excellent contacts within US, for an obsolete unit!..."
    Tool Owner, FAB 18



    "Acom is our sole calibration supplier"



    "I am very pleased with Acom's service."

  • 20120722151841

    "I knew I could trust Acom to give full support even to this complicated type of equipment..."
    Lab Owner