Technology innovation drives business forward in every industry. Technology creates a need for more efficient work methods, the ability to handle more accurate data, and to comply with new standards and regulations.

Track Record

Acom helps you to keep pace with technology innovation. We use the most advanced testing equipment available on the market today, invest continually in the development of our equipment and laboratory facilities, and do our best to improve work methods and the accuracy of our measurement and calibration data.

1997 Acom gains accreditation from ISRAC for ISO 17025 Standard.
1999 Acom Ltd merges with US based Inc., a leading supplier of electronic measurement devices. Acom Ltd implements ISO 9000 standards for purchasing, fault testing, calibration and measurement of electronic devices.
2000 Acom expands business to service high-frequency field: broadcast and reception, data communication, satellite communication, the digital field, robotics, medical equipment.
2008 Acom gains accreditation from IAS for ISO 17025 Standard.
2009 Acom expands business to Temperature field.
2011 Acom expands business to service Mechanics field.

2015 Acom expands business to Optics field.

2016 Acom gains accreditation from A2LA for ISO 17025 Standard.

Key Benefits

When you work with Acom you get:

  • Accurate measurement and calibration of new devices.
  • Continual version updates from equipment manufacturers
  • Improved and more efficient measurements methods.
  • Industry compliance to new standards and regulations.

What Our Customers Say

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    "Acom is our home for all test equipment needs"
    Site Owner



    "I trust Acom's calibration results "
    Senior Test Engineer



    "We put Acom in-charge of our test equipment analyze."
    Quality Manager

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    "I am thankful for the tech support & solution using your excellent contacts within US, for an obsolete unit!..."
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    "Acom is our sole calibration supplier"



    "I am very pleased with Acom's service."

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    "I knew I could trust Acom to give full support even to this complicated type of equipment..."
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