About Us

Acom is a leading specialist in testing, measurement and calibration of electronic devices. We have over 35 years of experience with hundreds of satisfied customers. Acom caters to a wide range of industries from manufacturing and production to medical equipment, bio-technology, semiconductors, office and business equipment, transportation, inspection and monitoring devices.

How we work

Acom performs on-site testing measurement and calibration of equipment. With over 20 years of experience we've found that this is the most efficient approach since it saves our customers time and eliminates the costs of packaging, handling and shipping of your equipment. It also reduces the risk of damage because your equipment remains in place at your production facility.
We work closely with customers to ensure that the timing of work carried out is optimized to the needs of your business. We arrange our work schedule to ensure minimum disruption to your production operations.
We strongly believe that personal face-to-face interaction with our expert technicians is a true value to our customers. Our highly trained technical staff prides themselves on educating and advising our customers on how to improve the quality and performance of their equipment. Building a strong relationship with not only our sales staff, but our technical team is imperative to Acom.

Where we operate

Based in Long Beach, California Acom is a market leader in the local electronic measurement industry. Acom is a market leader in the local electronic measurement industry. We also have a strong international customer base and are very active in Europe, Middle East and Asia. For our international customers, Acom offers the same high quality on-site services and fast response times that have made our business a success year after year.

Our team

Acom is dedicated to complete customer satisfaction in every aspect of their calibration experience. We are a customer focused company and strive to create positive customer interactions at all times. This is the way we do business and how we build trust in a challenging and dynamic market. We never take our clients' trust for granted. It's our goal to always deliver more than we promise!
We put special focus on how we train our people and we make sure they have the tools, knowledge and resources necessary to get the job done. When you do business with Acom, you work with people who are professional, motivated and dedicated to excellence.

What Our Customers Say

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    "Acom is our home for all test equipment needs"
    Site Owner



    "I trust Acom's calibration results "
    Senior Test Engineer



    "We put Acom in-charge of our test equipment analyze."
    Quality Manager

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    "I am thankful for the tech support & solution using your excellent contacts within US, for an obsolete unit!..."
    Tool Owner, FAB 18



    "Acom is our sole calibration supplier"



    "I am very pleased with Acom's service."

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    "I knew I could trust Acom to give full support even to this complicated type of equipment..."
    Lab Owner